N T Wright’s Urgent Plea for the Psalms

“This book is a personal plea. The psalms, which make up the great hymnbook at the heart of the Bible, have been the daily lifeblood of Christians, and of course the Jewish people, from the earliest times. Yet in many Christian circles today, the Psalms are simply not used. And in many places where they are still used, whether said or sung, they are often reduced to a few verses to be recited as ‘filler’ between other parts of the liturgy or worship services. In the latter case, people often don’t seem to realize what they are singing. In the former case, they don’t seem to realize what they are missing. This book is an attempt to reverse those trends. I see this as an urgent task.”

–         N. T. Wright, The Case for the Psalms: Why They Are Essential, 1.

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