Reformation Day 2014

Happy Reformation Day! This is always a day celebrated in the Van Neste household as we acknowledge the blessings that have come down to us because of this great movement: e.g., having the scriptures in our own language, having our own copies of the Bible, understanding that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, enjoying truly corporate worship, understanding the value of all work in God’s sight, and the fact that although I’m an ordained minister I am married!

Rehearsing some of these with my kids this morning, one of them said, “That’s why you love Reformation Day, Dad, because you like being married to Mom!” I heartily said, “Absolutely! That is certainly a great reason!”

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate this past work of God, and plenty of need to continue the work of returning to the Scriptures to bring our lives and practice in conformity with it.

Here are some recent items that further reflect on the Reformation.

Timothy George, has a brief column on Luther and his value to the whole church

Carl Trueman’s lecture on “Martin Luther, the troubled prophet”. Carl has a book titled Luther on the Christian Life: Cross and Freedom due out in February.

Trueman also has a great recent column titled The Wonder of Luther’s Catechisms where he holds up the value of solid, foundational teaching over the glitzy, hip discussions.

Regent audio has made three Reformation-related lectures available for free to download through the end of the day.

Then, Gerald Bray’s article from several years ago, “Was the Reformation a Tragedy?” is well worth returning to.

Lastly, since last Reformation Day my article on the pastoral impulse of the Reformation has appeared in print.

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