Targeting Trendy- Not Cool

Christian Today recently ran an article titled, “Which kind of church appeals to Millennials? It’s not as trendy and modern as you think.”

I welcome almost anything that says “trendy isn’t as cool as you think.” That said, the article (unintentionally it seems) illustrates the problem with shaping ourselves based on the perceived desires or interests of a target group. If we “hit it right” we’ll just have to change again, soon, when the target group changes. There is an inherent problem with shaping our space, worship or presentation based on the preferences of people who do not come. We should be mindful of potential unnecessary stumbling blocks, but in the end the people of God should just be who they are. Otherwise we end up seeming like the people in high school who change their appearance each week trying to fit in with the “popular kids.” We might pity such kids, but they certainly don’t attract or elicit respect.

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