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Noah, a New Adam

I’ve been pondering just briefly some of the parallels between Noah and Adam. Some of the connections are due to the fact that the flood is a destruction and then re-creation. In Gen 1:2 the earth was formless and void, covered with water. In the flood the earth returns to this condition. As the flood waters recede God once again separates the waters from the dry land as He did in creation. In this renewed land Noah emerges like Adam in the original creation. Gods’ words to Noah in Gen 9:1-4 (including the creation mandate) closely mirror God’s statement to Adam and Eve in Gen 1:28-30. All humans will trace their line now to both men. Both have three sons.

After the creation/re-creation, both men sin by indulgence of fruit. After their sin one son is cursed due to his sin (Cain/Ham [&specifically Ham’s son Canaan]). From one son comes the blessed line (Seth/Shem).

Noah represents a new beginning for humanity though the sin condition remains. We still needed the true Second Adam from above to reinstate us in God’s love, in order Adam’s likeness to efface and stamp His image in its place.

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