Great Deal on a Great Book

I saw this morning that Peter Hitchens’ book, The Rage Against God, is available on Kindle for $1.99 for a limited time. This is such a powerful, beautiful book on so many levels, and I fear many people have missed this book because they didn’t realize what it is. The marketers promoted it as a response to Hitchens famous brother, and it seems many people thought it was a simple argument against atheism. These assessments miss the book by far. This is a soul searching spiritual autobiography beautifully written with profound reflection humanity, the impact of the gospel on culture, the fragility of civilization, particularly as faith is eroded, all illustrated from the author’s experience in cultures around the world and in his own struggles of faith.

I have written previously about Hitchens’ comment sin this book about poetry and beauty as apologetics (with implications for art and worship) and have posted a list of my favorite quotes from the book. This book moved me and helped me see better the various ways the gospel impacts a culture. I saw more clearly how very fragile is this thing we call civilization (which we take so lightly and take for granted) as he described cultures he’d seen fall apart in Africa and Europe. Added to all that, Hitchens writing is truly beautiful. He reminded me of C. S. Lewis because the writing itself is enjoyable even beyond what he is saying.

This is a wonderful book and a great opportunity to get it at a steal.

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