Be Not Dismayed, Thou Little Flock

My poem of the week this week, is this bold hymn by Johann Michael Altenberg, 17th century German pastor. He wrote this hymn during the turbulent times of war which followed the Reformation, and they seem pertinent today.

Be Not Dismayed, Thou Little Flock

Be not dismayed, thou little flock,
Although the foe’s fierce battle shock,
Loud on all sides, assail thee.
Though o’er thy fall they laugh secure,
Their triumph cannot long endure;
Let not thy courage fail thee.

Thy cause is God’s–go at His call,
And to His hands commit thine all;
Fear thou no ill impending:
His Gid’on shall arise for thee,
God’s word and people manfully,
In God’s own time, defending.

Amen, Lord Jesus, hear our cry;
Stir up Thy power, come from on high,
Defend Thy congregation;
So shall Thy church, through endless days,
Give thanks to Thee and chant Thy praise
In joy and adoration.

Author: Michael AltenburgTranslator: Elizabeth Rundle Charles


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