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Fun, Fascinating Read from Hal Poe

This past weekend I finished reading the latest book from my friend & colleague, Hal Poe. Total Commitment: A Memoir of God and Politics When South Carolina Elected a Republican Governor is a fascinating read on so many levels. If you know Hal, then hearing that he has published his memoirs from his days in politics is you need to know!

In case you don’t know him, the story of the 1974 governor’s race in South Carolina bears striking similarities to the presidential race this year. Additionally, Hal tells of his call to ministry in the midst of what was going around him. Then, the book is filled with wonderful stories from a masterful story-teller relishing friendship, fellowship, and the beauties of the South Carolina countryside.

Here is the review I posted on Amazon:

This was a delightful read! Other reviewers have rightly pointed out the book’s value in regard to politics and faith. I affirm those points, but what I enjoyed most was the sheer delight of reading. Hal is a consummate story teller and he relishes the telling of these tales. Brimming with delight in nature, the South, friendship, food and travel, this book is just so much fun!

At such a great price, you can’t go wrong. You’ll love reading this, unless, of course, you despise beauty, friendship and stories. In that case, don’t buy it.

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