Peter’s Guidance for Faithful Living Now


1 Peter has been especially meaningful to me lately. So, when asked to preach our opening chapel at Union this semester, I preached from 1 Peter 1:13-21. I could not deal with all of this rich text in the time period but focused on two points in the early part of the text:

1)      Set your hope on the future, not the present (or the past)

2)      Follow Scripture, not your desires

It seems to me this points to plague afflicting the church at the moment. Utopian ideas cause us to set our hopes on everything going right now whether in prosperity theology or in grasping for political power. Then, too many fall for the Disney gospel of “follow your heart” and think that if they really, really want something then it must be right. We fail to reckon with how deeply our “wanter” is broken.

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