“Correcting the Record: The Reformers on Evangelism and Missions”

I am glad to see Sixteenth-Century Mission: Explorations in Protestant and Roman Catholic Theology and Practice, edited by Robert Gallagher and Ed Smither (Lexham Press, 2021) now available. My essay, “Correcting the Record: The Reformers on Evangelism and Missions,” is in this volume along with some significant missions essays.

Malcolm Yarnell called it,  “the most exhilarating collection of essays I have ever reviewed.” You can see the table of contents here with contributors and titles.

My hope for my essay is to debunk further the ahistorical idea that the Reformers did not care about missions. Good work has been done by others pointing out missions emphases in the writings of the Reformers. I seek to build on and add to this, while also dealing with the scholarly root of this idea. A condensed version of my essay has been published previously, but this book contains the full version.

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