Christ in Christmas: A Family Advent Celebration

Christ in Christmas: A Family Advent Celebration
By James Dobson, Charles Swindoll, James Montgomery Boice, R. Sproul
(NavPress, 1989), pb.

This has been our favorite and most used advent book since we have had children (and perhaps before).

The book is arranged in four parts, one for each of the weeks of advent. Each week contains an essay by one of the authors listed and has a specific Christmas carol. Then each day of the week has a specific Scripture reading. The Sunday reading is typically longer than the others. This provides you with a specific reading for each day of the season. Questions are provided after the essays and there are some suggested family activities.

We have not often used any of the activities. The best part of the book is simply its arranged readings. It gives you a great list of Old Testament messianic texts. Our family has used the book in various ways. It is a great resource.

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