The Hittite Warrior

Hittite Warrior, Joanne Williamson
(Alfred Knopf, 1960; Bethlehem Books, 1999)
pb, 237 pp.

This is a book we read two years ago- my boys would then have been 8, 7, 5 and 2 (the two year old just fell asleep!). The story is set in the time of the Judges and does a good job of describing the people groups and religions of the time. I remember thinking it may have been a bit intense in places for us at the time, but it was a very compelling story.

Uriah, a Hittite, is the main character. The story moves from the time when his homeland is overrun, to his life among the people of Tyre. There he meets a Hebrew and discovers the terrible human sacrifices to the god, Moloch. In the end he finds himself among the Hebrews whom he expected to be lesser people. However, he meets Deborah and Barak and is there for the great victory of the Hebrews over their oppressors.

The story is full of adventure, action and intrigue. It also gives a good introduction to the culture of the time. The bad thing about waiting so long is that I cannot recall as many specifics. However, I do remember thinking that the presentation of Deborah was a bit odd. Watch for that, but it can be overcome.

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