Tell Me About Heaven

Tell Me About Heaven, by Randy Alcorn
Illustrated by Ron DiCianni
(Crossway, 2007), hb., 64 pp.
Ages 5 and up

This is a great book about heaven. It is well written, nicely illustrated and theologically sound. Alcorn really does a good job in demonstrating the “tangibleness” of heaven. Too often people think of heaven as something ethereal, with clouds and disembodied spirits. This is not what the Bible teaches us. We await new bodies on a new earth. Alcorn does a great job of showing this corporeal, physical element of heaven. This of course leads to speculative questions (like “Will there be animals?”, “What about my pets?, etc.). Some may be dismissive about such questions, but these are the questions that come up. If you are going to write for children you ought to address questions they ask, so this is well done. Alcorn is clear about areas where the Bible does not give a specific answer and then is willing to venture his best guess.

The way the story is told is well done also. A young boy, Jake, is making his regular 2 week summer visit to his grandparents in Oregon. However, this year he is a bit apprehensive since his grandmother had died in the last year and he does not know what it will be like. However, his grandfather is a godly man who knows his Bible well, and they have numerous conversations over the two weeks as they enjoy the wonderful scenes of Oregon, eat together and gaze at the stars. So the discussions about heaven are not abstract but arise naturally within the believable relationship between a grandfather and grandson. This led to good discussions wit my boys. Along the way the point is clearly made that only those who repent and believe go to heaven. Thus, this is a good evangelistic tool as well.

Lastly, there is another side benefit to this book. It provides a nice picture of a grandfather who is intentional about being involved in his grandson’s life enjoying life with him and teaching him about God along the way. Such examples are always a good challenge to me as I seek to be intentional in parenting.

This is a great book and we warmly recommend it.

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