Baby Bible

Baby’s First Bible
(Thomas Nelson, 2008), hb

This is a Bible intended as a gift for baby showers, baptisms, etc. Here are some quotes from the publisher’s promotional material:

“Here’s the first baby keepsake Bible with the ‘AWW’ factor! The flocked packaging and Bible cover with the precious duckie designs … will keep recipients enchanted for years to come.”

“Receive God’s promises as you follow the captivating critters on the artistically designed pages.”

One of the key features listed is the “fuzzy duck on cover and box.”This is really sad. I am not looking for a Bible for my children that has the “AWW” factor. I am looking for awe, of God that is. This approach, though no doubt well intended, is misdirected. The promo lit seems to suggest that if children like the cover and occasional color page of “critters” they will be drawn to like the Bible. While we never know what God might use, we are to depend on proper means. What will draw children to love the Bible will be reading it (when they can) and having it read and explained to them by adults who love them and love God.

It is a good thing to desire to give a shower gift (for instance that is Bible related). Giving a Bible that will probably never be used is not the best use of funds though. The child will not be able to read this text for sometime, and once he or she is able to read, this design will likely be too childish. Instead give a good Bible story book that parents can read to the child. Some of my top recommendations are listed on the left hand side of this site. Then, if the child does not have a Bible once he or she can read, then give him a standard Bible.

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