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Baby Before Blogging :)

Blogging will be suspended a few days due to the arrival of our fifth child- but first girl!- this morning at 8:54. Abigail Calene was 8 pounds 11 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. Mom and baby are doing well, and big brothers are very proud. Coming as she did on Easter Sunday – as […]

John Angell James on a Learned Ministry

Here is one more post from James’ An Earnest Ministry. One other strength of the book is his treatment of the place of learning in the pastorate. After reading just a few pages one can tell that James himself was a learned man, just with the words he uses and the way he uses them. […]

John Angell James, Passion for Souls

Yesterday I mentioned John Angell James book, An Earnest Ministry. One of the striking and beneficial things about the book is the deep, compelling passion for the salvation of souls. Here are some quotes to that end. Here the author begins referring to himself in third person: “And now that his shadow lengthens on the […]

Living Exegetically

My students in NT Survey turned in responses today from listening to my sermon on Romans 3. This typically turns up some good discussion, but one student statement I thought was particularly worth citing here. The student was responding to my statement that you should not be surprised to find your thinking to be in […]

An Earnest Ministry: The Want of the Times

Today in my pastoral ministry class we discussed An Earnest Ministry: The Want of the Times, by John Angell James. This book, originally written in 1847, is a real gem. I have 16 pages (single-spaced) of quotes drawn from the book! James gives a clarion call for a return to earnest, i.e. passionate, devoted, ministry. […]

The King’s Shadow

The King’s Shadow, Elizabeth Alder (Bantam Double Day Dell, 1995), pb., 259 My wife reads to our boys in the afternoon as the key part of our history studies, and then I read to them in the evening before bed. Sometimes I end up jealous 🙂 over books that I miss out on, and this […]

Ephesians 4 and Church Health

I have been thinking a bit lately about the fourth chapter of Ephesians and what it tells us about church health- stimulated significantly by conversation with my fellow pastor, Lee Tankersley (oh, the joy of not being isolated in ministry!). There is much here so I may devote a few posts to various aspects. Here […]

The Pastoral Heart of Robert Murray McCheyne

While studying in Scotland, I was privileged to find a free copy of Memoir and Remains of Robert Murray McCheyne, by A. A. Bonar, a hard bound copy from 1891! I had heard much about this as a spiritual classic and finally I read it. It was a deep blessing to me and I heartily […]

If All the Swords in England: A Story of Thomas Becket

If All the Swords in England: A Story of Thomas Becket , Barbara Willard (1961; repr. Bethlehem Books, 2000), pb. 181 pp. The story of Thomas Becket’s brave stand against the King is a moving and powerful story. It is full of lessons and examples about ultimate allegiance to God alone and the willingness to […]

Spurgeon on Weekly Communion

I am currently writing an article in which, among other things I am arguing for the weekly celebration of communion. In the process I was pointed to this quote from Spurgeon. I like it especially because it expresses so well what I have experienced at our church where we do have communion weekly. The biblical […]