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Pastors, Believe!

This column by Peter Leithart is a powerful call for pastors to believe in the effectiveness of God’s word, to be reminded of the spiritual realities at work in what they do. Leithart specifically is saying pastors need not entering the realm of politics in order to impact the world. This is true, but don’t […]

Practical Ecclesiology from Conrad Mbewe

Conrad Mbewe, Foundations for the Flock: Truths About the Church for All the Saints (Granted Ministries Press, 2012), hb., 338 pp. Here is a valuable, recent book you may not have heard about. Conrad Mbewe, often called “the Spurgeon of Africa,” led the planting of Kabwata Baptist Church in Zambia about 25 years ago and […]

The Lord’s Supper: Remembering and Proclaiming Christ Until He Comes

I have often commented on the Lord’s Supper here as I believe it is an important practice which has fallen on hard times in our churches and has a significant place in pastoral ministry. It was, therefore, an honor and privilege to contribute to Tom Schreiner and Matt Crawford’s edited volume, The Lord’s Supper: Remembering […]

Martin Bucer on the Lord’s Supper

These themes I found valuable: – communion is a gift from God given because we need it – frequency – the tone of thankfulness and joyful triumph “The Lord, therefore, out of his great and ineffable love, has ordained and appointed for us a sacred supper in which he gives us his body and blood, […]

A. Alexander on the Lord’s Supper

Archibald Alexander (1772-1851) was the first professor of Princeton Theological Seminary and one a key figure in early American theology. I am currently working on a review of a reprint of his A Brief Compendium of Bible Truth, which was designed to be a brief treatment of Christian doctrine for laypeople. This weekend I read […]

Doctrine of the Real Absence!

I am glad to see several comments on my last post. We need to recover an appreciation for the ordinances. Too much of the conversation that has taken place in the past about the ordinances has stressed what they don’t do. That is we have devoted too much of our time arguing that the Church […]

Article on the Ordinances

I am putting the finishing touches on an article on Baptism and Communion for the inaugural issue of Theology for Ministry a new journal published by Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. I am encouraged by the goal of the editors which is provide a venue for discussion of shaping our ministries theologically rather than keeping theology […]

Spurgeon on Weekly Communion

I am currently writing an article in which, among other things I am arguing for the weekly celebration of communion. In the process I was pointed to this quote from Spurgeon. I like it especially because it expresses so well what I have experienced at our church where we do have communion weekly. The biblical […]