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Archive of entries posted on January 2007

Before Columbus: The Leif Eriksson Expedition

Before Columbus: The Leif Eriksson Expedition, Elizabeth Cody Kimmel Landmark Books, (Random House, 2003), pb., 98 pp. I remember enjoying Landmark books when I was a kid, so I anticipated reading some to my boys. This one is a good tool for telling the basic story of the Viking discovery of the New World. It […]

Calvin Miller on Pastoral Care

Here’s a great quote from Miller’s O Shepherd Where Art Thou, which I have commended previously: …the church that only gets big but will not care for the sick and the broken, is no church of Christ…. No legitimate pastor can delegate this concern. He may delegate the care of a specific person in need, […]

Leadership Equals Teaching

I have recently been sent the following quote from Great Leader, Great Teacher: Recovering the Biblical Vision for Leadership by Gary Bredfeldt: “We have been hoodwinked. We have come to accept a standard for leadership that actually robs the church of great leaders. The standing-status-success standard is not a biblical standard: it is the world’s […]

The Beggars’ Victory

The Beggars’ Victory, Piet Prins The Struggle for Freedom Series, vol. 3 (Inheritance Publications, 2006), pb., 173 pp. I have previously reviewed vol 1 and vol 2 of this series, often referring to them as the “Martin and Boudewyn books.” This book seems to complete the story (though a fourth volume is projected). This book […]

“Reinvigorating Baptist Practice of the Ordinances”

The journal containing my article by this name is now out. Mid America’s inaugural issue of Theology for Ministry came out just before Christmas. I have previously commented on some of my thoughts contained in this article. This issue is varied in perspectives and strengths, I think. Here is a list of the contents other […]

How Great Our Joy

How Great Our Joy: Family Memories & Meditations for Christmas Ray and Anne Ortlund (B&H, 2001), small hb., 124 pp. I am late in getting some Christmas books posted, but I’ll go ahead and put them up. They’ll be here for next year and you might be able to get them on sale now! This […]