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Archive of entries posted on February 2007

A Layman’s Advice to Preachers

Tim Ellsworth has written a great piece by this title. He provides a list of sound requests from the pew for those of us who preach. Check out the list. It is a good advice. It is reminiscent of Wylie Johnson’s “The Preacher from the Layman’s Viewpoint” written back in 1954. Check out Tim’s comments […]

Love Your People By Giving them Good Hymns

For some time I have been contemplating posting something on this topic. I am regularly reminded of the great value of good, rich songs in corporate worship. We have such a treasure of them. I admit I have a bias for grand, old hymns, but there are also some new ones I really like. The […]

The World of Columbus and Sons

The World of Columbus and Sons , by Genevieve Foster (1965; reprint, Beautiful Feet Books), pb., 406 pp. This is a fascinating book! Rather than simply telling about Columbus’ travels, Mrs. Foster portrays Columbus against the backdrop of the political, cultural and social setting of his world. Thus the story covers not simply 1492 but […]

Pilgrim’s Progress

I am finally catching up with the rest of Christendom in reading Bunyan’s classic. I have read various children’s editions and felt I knew the story from the abundant allusions one comes across. Nevertheless, I had never read it and finally have begun to do so. I am approaching the conclusion now and have really […]

A Note to Reformers

“I am more afraid of my own heart than of the pope and all his cardinals. I have within me the greatest pope” – Martin Luther In our work of reforming the church in our day, this statement from a great Reformer is a good reminder to us. There are errors within our churches which […]

The Place of Solemnity and Ritual in Worship

Having pointed out something alarming in the Episcopal Church yesterday, let me today point out a great article from an Episcopal priest. I read this article back in November and have been meaning to comment on it since. The article, subtitled “An Episcopal Priest on Casual Ministers & Reverent Marines,” appeared in the November issue […]

First Voyage to America, From the Log of the Santa Maria

First Voyage to America, From the Log of the Santa Maria By Christopher Columbus (Dover, 1991), pb, 91 pp. This is a very interesting book. The text is taken directly from the surviving notes of Columbus’ log on this famous voyage. To have the actual text of Columbus’ recollections, his own statements about his thoughts, […]

New Episcopal Bishop’s View of Christianity

Today’s issue of USA Today has an article on Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, whose installation has caused a fissure in Anglican life. The article is interesting in what you see of her vision of what ministry is about. Perhaps the most striking part is at the end. Another bishop affirmed her saying: “She’s […]

Titus 1:6, believing/faithful children

I had thought for sometime about writing something on the interpretation of Titus 1:6. In stating the qualifications for serving as an elder/pastor the text states that “his children are believers.” It could also be translated “his children are faithful.” The standard commentaries do not wrestle much with this issue, but it is huge in […]

Humility: True Greatness, C. J. Mahaney

Humility: True Greatness , C. J. Mahaney This is an excellent, convicting, concrete, cross-centered, gospel-filled, immensely helpful and humble book. We have already ordered copies to have available at our church. I decided to read this book because Mahaney himself and those who serve with him exude such a real, tangible spirit of gracious humility- […]