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Archive of entries posted on March 2007

More Benefit from Mr. Pipes

This past Sunday during corporate worship one of my boys tapped my arm as the next hymn began. He pointed to the bottom of the page where there was written, “Author: William Cowper.” With a knowing look he whispered, “We read about him!” As we talked about the service during lunch, my two oldest boys […]

Centrality of Preaching

Having just commented on people yearning for substantive preaching, I came back across this quote from Al Mohler which I read a few years back. He says it well- as usual. When you hear people speak about how to grow a church, how to build a church, and how to build a great congregation, few […]

Voice from the Pew

Preachers are often told that people really are not interested in substantive content in sermons. I know of pastors who have been severely criticized for dealing with texts that people did not find easily digestible, or useful enough in drawing crowds. Shallow, generic “life-thoughts” will appeal to some, but there is an increasing number of […]

Mourning Over Lost Souls

People often think that a firm belief in the sovereignty of God in all things including the salvation of souls will undercut evangelistic zeal. History is full of examples to the contrary, and the Puritans are key examples. I previously mentioned Richard Alleine’s book Instructions About Heartwork . In this book Alleine has an entire […]

Loving and Living the Scriptures

One of our Wednesday night classes at church is studying J. I. Packer’s A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life. I am enjoying going back through the book because it is so good. Here is a quote from Packer about how the Puritans viewed the Bible. I have elsewhere, in a […]

More Quotes from Mr. Pipes

At my blog on pastoral ministry, Oversight of Souls, I have posted some more of my favorite quotes from Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers.

More on Great Hymns from a Children’s Book

At my blog on children’s literature, The Children’s Hour, I have recently posted a review of Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers, by Douglas Bond. It is a great book with insights useful for adults as well as children. Here are some particularly good quotes that speak to our role in directing the worship […]