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Archive of entries posted on September 2007

Previously Unpublished Edwards Sermons

I am swamped just now with various things including preparation for a new baby (any day now) and a flood of good new books- both blessings! So, I will plan in the next several days to primarily post some book notes. For the first one, I am excited to mention a brand new press, The […]

Hercules Collins on Preaching

I have previously commented on contentment as a theme in the new book on 17th Century London Baptist pastor Hercules Collins. In the second half of the book a number of excerpts are drawn from Collins book on pastoral ministry, The Temple Repaired. I am very pleased to hear that Steve Weaver is preparing an […]

The Minute Boys of Lexington

The Minute Boys of Lexington, Edward Stratemeyer (1898; Lost Classics Book Company, 1996), pb., 306 pp. 7 and up This is a fictional account of the battles of Lexington and Concord. The main character is a fictional 16 year old boy who has organized a group of friends as “minute boys” to work alongside the […]