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Archive of entries posted on July 2009

Southern Baptists, Evangelicals and the Future of Denominationalism

This Fall, October 6-9, Union University will host a major conference on the theme, “Southern Baptists, Evangelicals and the Future of Denominationalism.” I referred to this conference in passing previously, but now the conference website is up with details and registration. The conference is timed to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Baptist movement and […]

Ministry in Zimbabwe

One of the young men at our church, Mike Evans, is serving as an intern this summer at Central Baptist Church in Harare, Zimbabwe and is chronicling his experience at a blog, “Entrusted With the Gospel.” I am finding his reflections encouraging and challenging so I wanted to pass it along. The following is from […]

Bond on Calvin Tour

Douglas Bond, whose books my family particularly enjoys, is leading a tour of key places in the life of John Calvin in honor of the 500th anniversary of his birth. Bond is journaling the tour at his blog complete with photos and video. He has recently written a fascinating historical novel on the life of […]

A Shepherd’s Prayer

I have mentioned previously here the new church start, Grace Community Church. After their first official meeting as a church, Chad Davis, one of their pastors, sent this prayer to the congregation. I asked permission to post it here as an example of praying Scripture for your people. Scripture (especially Paul’s prayers) provide us great […]

Tolkien’s Roverandom

Roverandom, J. R. R. Tolkien (Houghton Mifflin, 1998), hb.., 106 pp. [various editions available] Ages 7+ This is a fun story to share with your children. It is not a grand epic like Lord of the Rings but a light-hearted story Tolkien spun for his own children. The introduction in this edition is nice because […]

A Minister’s Confession

From Valley of Vision: A collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions: God, I know that I often do thy work without thy power, and sin by my dead, heartless, blind service, my lack of inward light, love, delight, my mind, heart, tongue moving without thy help. I see sin in my heart in seeking the […]

Wilson on Authoritative Preaching

Here is another excerpt from Wilson’s A Serrated Edge: A Brief Defense of Biblical Satire and Trinitarian Skylarking. Here he is critiquing our current culture’s view of humility and arrogance. “We see the same thing in the conflict between biblical and modern theories of preaching. The biblical preacher is a herald, a steward. He has […]

Doug Wilson on the Wisdom Needed for Giving Sharp Critique

I have my disagreements with Doug Wilson (baptism for example). But I have my agreements as well and they are many. I really like reading his material because he will at least give you something worth disagreeing with! You will not be bored and where he sees truth he will press it with fervor. I […]