For Pastors of Smaller Congregations

Here is a good word from 80 years ago.  Let us shepherded the flock of God, seeing them as those bought with the blood of God (Acts 20:28), regardless of their number.

The pastor should look after the spiritual needs of the church which honors him by electing him to this high and responsible office.  Maybe the church is small.  Let him remember that his Master spent his ministerial life training twelve men and that one of them was a hypocrite and failed to take the training.  A pastor should thank God, from a sincere heart, for the privilege of being pastor of eleven members in a church.  He should give them the Word both publicly and privately, stirring up in them a keen appetite for the bread of truth and serving it to them in a helpful, attractive, and interesting way.  (86)

– F.M. McConnell, McConnell’s Manual for Baptist Churches (Philadelphia: Judson Press, 1948; Originally printed 1926)

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