Reformation Day 2010

As we celebrate Reformation Day again this year some may say that we simply glory in men, or revel only in historical dates, or gloss over the shortcomings of those involved.  By no means!  In celebrating the Reformation we celebrate the work of God in the recovery of the gospel, the greatest revival since Pentecost, leading to the salvation of thousands of souls, the purifying and strengthening of the church, the delivery of the Scriptures to the common man, and the greater manifestation of the glory of God.  How can we not celebrate such?  What sort of people would we be if we failed to celebrate this?  How could we hold up our heads in Christ’s church if we failed to remember and celebrate His mighty deeds of the past?

And yet, much of the church is entirely unaware of this great move of God or of its anniversary this weekend.  Is it any surprise, then, that this church is losing its grasp on the gospel and reverting to many of the medieval errors?  Let us then celebrate, remember and proclaim.  And as we remember God’s mighty work almost 500 years ago, let us also pray, “Lord, do it again.”

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