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Broadus, Preachers Without Fame

Here is a good word from John Broadus, one of our SBC giants of the past. Writing about “Preachers without Fame” he encourages us not to worry about the applause of man- something we know we ought not live for but something which has a sinister, alarming allure.

“Hail, ye unknown, forgotten brethren!…The Christian world feels your impress, though it has lost your names. And we likewise, if we cannot live in men’s memories, will rejoice at the thought that if we work for God, our work shall live…

Let us labor for the glory of God and the advance of His kingdom, which is the good of humanity – and in light of this, what is the favor of man!

I am currently rejoicing in the number of faithful men I am having the opportunity to fellowship with at the Evangelical Theological Society meeting who evidence this very spirit. May the tribe increase.

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