Graphic Novel on How We Got the Bible

The Book of God: How We Got the Bible,
by Ben Avery & Javier Saltares

(Kingstone Comics, 2012), pp.

Ages 8+

A graphic novel on the production and preservation of the Bible? Brilliant!
I had no previous awareness of KingstoneComics until I happened to see this book in Sam’s. I was intrigued by the idea and bought it, curious to see how faithful it would be. I really liked what I found inside.

With nicely done comic book graphics this book is divided into four parts:
         1-The Production of the Bible: How the Bible Was Written
2-The Process of the Bible: How the Bible Was Selected (Why these books and not others?)
3-The Preservation of the Bible- How the Bible Was Spread
4-The Proof of the Bible- How the Bible Has Survived and is Trustworthy
In each part the authors demonstrate an awareness of the issues and scholarship. They provide solid conservative answers affirming
the full truthfulness of the Bible. Many portions handle these issues exactly as I do in my college survey courses. Serious information is handled here in an accessible way. They do not gloss over challenges but face them head on. There are a few places where I would handle things a bit differently, but they are not major.

This is a great resource for a wide range of settings.  I know one family who enjoyed it with their elementary age child and my older teen boys have enjoyed it. I think it would fit well with my class for college freshmen.

I am excited to see these important questions answered well in such an engaging format. From their website I noticed Kingstone Comics has quite a number of graphic novels and comic books covering bible stories and fiction relating biblical themes. I will be eager to see more of their work.
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