Endorsements for KJV400 book

I have previously mentioned here the forthcoming book, KJV400: The Legacy & Impact of the King James Version, which I have edited, and I am now pleased to be able to say that the book is at the final stages of production and should be available soon.

I have been encouraged by the warm endorsements we have received by the book so I have pasted them in below.

“Ray Van Neste has assembled an all-star cast of scholars for comment on the history and the significance of the KJV. The publication is timely in its celebration of the 400th anniversary of the publication of the KJV, but, even more importantly, is enormously valuable for its tracing of the great text’s composition and impact, emphases which do justice to the theological and cultural forces that produced it and reflect simultaneously upon its unique place today in the world of English translations. The editor and authors are to be commended for producing a collection of studies that is both wonderfully readable and historically sound.”

– Robert Sloan, President, Houston Baptist University

“Forged in the fire of religious reformation, the King James Bible has been preached, taught and memorized by Christians of all denominations for the past 400 years. This collection of essays captures the romance of its history and the significance of its influence in shaping the culture we have inherited and proclaiming the faith which alone can save. Those who know only modern translations will have their eyes opened by this book, which should be read by everyone interested in the way in which the Bible has come down to us today.”

– Gerald Bray, Research Professor of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School; author, Translating the Bible: from William Tyndale to King James

“The King James Version of the Bible stands as one of the greatest literary achievements in the history of the English language. Furthermore, its cherished and honored place in Christian history is amplified by the fact that so many contemporary Christians continue to love the translation, Indeed, the cadence and beauty of the King James translation continues to shape our Christian memory, worship, and confession. No other expression of the English language has had such a profound and continuing effect on the way Christians believe and worship. I heartily commend to you this volume of essays celebrating the enduring legacy and impact of the King James Version of the Bible.”

– R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“In eighteen eloquent essays, scholars representing religion, literature, philosophy, science, political science, and the arts have brilliantly demonstrated how the King James Bible remains to this day the single greatest glory of the English language.  They show how, after 400 years, this magnificent treasure continues to light up both the ceilings and the corners of our lives.  They show how even today, the surprise is not that the King James shines less luminous than it once did but that it still shines at all, that it retains the power to direct our wandering barks through the darkness of secularism, that it remains to this day our lode star in an ever-expanding constellation of newer translations inspired by its singular greatness but never equaling it.”

– Al Elmore, Professor and Chair of the English Department, Athens State University, Author of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address:  Echoes of the Bible and Book of Common Prayer (SIU Press, 2009)

“There has been a spate of recent books on the venerable King James Bible, especially focusing on its unparalleled impact upon the English language and English Bible translations. This collection of eighteen competent essays extends the discussion both backward and forward in showing the context from which this great event occurred, and in looking at some of the major ripple effects it produced in science and art, politics and culture, fiction and poetry, and more. Readers will be exposed to a fascinating introduction to one of the landmark achievements of the Western world and a great gift from the gracious providence of God!”

Justin Taylor, Managing Editor, ESV Study Bible; blogger, “Between Two Worlds”

“KJV400: Legacy and Impact is a treasure trove of information and reflection on the King James Bible’s history and impact. Providing rich political and religious background to the King James Bible, the collected essays also explore the rich literary, artistic, political, and cultural heritage we have in this most published of all Bible translations.”

– Diana Severance, Director, Dunham Bible Museum, Houston Baptist University

“The four hundredth anniversary celebration of the King James Bible has reminded the English speaking world of the vast influence the KJB has had on our cultural and literary history. While there have been a plethora of books published on the KJB to celebrate this momentous occasion, KJV400: Legacy & Impact includes provocative essays on the history, literary, and political facets not included in many of the recent books. Written by a number of well qualified scholars, its provocative approach to the many and varied themes will reinforce the breadth of the influence of the KJB. It has influenced novelists, politicians, poets, scientists, musicians, historians, the religious faithful, critics, KJV only zealots, secular atheists, and modern scholars. The book deserves to be read widely.”

– Donald L. Brake, Dean Emeritus, Multnomah Biblical Seminary; Author: A Visual History of the English Bible: The Tumultuous Tale of The World’s Bestselling Book Baker Books, 2008; A Visual History of the King James Bible: The Dramatic Tale of the World’s Best-Known Translation, Baker Books, 2011

“The King James Bible is undoubtedly the most influential book that has ever been published in the English language. As these essays demonstrate, that influence stretches far beyond English-speaking churches and denominations. Of the many books published to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the KJV, this is one stands out because of the interdisciplinary nature of the essays. Scholars in multiple fields and all lovers of the KJV should be thankful to Union University for hosting this conference and to BorderStone Press for making the published proceedings available.”
– Nathan A. Finn, Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Baptist Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“This collection of essays stands as a written monument to the greatest literary achievement of the English language – the King James Bible – and I am delighted to see it erected. I commend it to you as a worthy tribute to the KJV’s lasting influence on both Church and culture. And regardless of what English version of the Scriptures you opt for today, reading these pages will leave you rejoicing and thanking God, saying: ‘The grass withereth, and the flower falleth away. But the word of the Lord endureth for ever.'”

-Justin Wainscott, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Jackson, Tennessee


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