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Endorsements for KJV400 book

I have previously mentioned here the forthcoming book, KJV400: The Legacy & Impact of the King James Version, which I have edited, and I am now pleased to be able to say that the book is at the final stages of production and should be available soon. I have been encouraged by the warm endorsements […]

KJV Book to the Press

The book of essays which came from the event KJV400: Legacy & Impact last fall at Union University, has now gone to the publisher. We are hoping for a fall release for the book. The table of contents is below. The aim of the book, like the event, is to recognize and celebrate how God […]

The Prince of Wales on the KJV

I am currently trying to finish up the book coming out of our festival last fall, KJV400: Legacy & Impact. As I have been thinking about the impact and influence of the KJV, I have appreciated the King James Bible Trust in London, who also helped to advertise our event as well as others around […]

Bible Exhibit at KJV Festival, Sept. 15-17

One wonderful development with the upcoming King James Bible Festival at Union University is that a significant portion of the Green Collection will be on display. This will be the first time this amazing collection has visited the Southeast. Listed below are some of the items which will be on display during our festival with […]

KJV, Language & Meaning

Adam Nicolson, in God’s Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible, contrasts the careful, rich use of language found in the King James with the more recent New English Bible.  I think he is absolutely right. “The flattening of language is a flattening of meaning.  Language which is not taut with a sense of […]