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Richard Hays’ Critique of the Common English Bible Translation

There seems to be a growing discussion amongst Bible scholars about the shortcomings of Bible translations which try too hard to sound contemporary (See for example Bob Gundry’s critique of Tom Wright’s NT translation from 2 years ago). This week I came across this essay: Richard Hays, “Lost in Translation: A Reflection on Romans in […]

Considering Bible Translation, Two Recent Essays

The method or theory of bible translation is an important and, at times, a complicated issue. It is something pastors need to consider. I have made clear elsewhere that I favor a more literal translation, rather than a dynamic equivalence approach. I don’t think dynamic equivalence translations are evil, but I think there is much […]

KJV, Language & Meaning

Adam Nicolson, in God’s Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible, contrasts the careful, rich use of language found in the King James with the more recent New English Bible.  I think he is absolutely right. “The flattening of language is a flattening of meaning.  Language which is not taut with a sense of […]