The Message of Esther, a Poem

A week ago Tom Fox preached a wonderful message on the book of Esther as whole. In discussing God’s providential work in preventing the king from sleeping and how that lead to Mordecai’s exaltation and eventually the thwarting of Haman, Tom used the phrase, “Death to life, a sleepless night.” That wording struck me and along with the thoughts stirring in my mind from the sermon I hurriedly jotted down the following poem.

Death to life, a sleepless night
The serpent and seed of woman fight.
Haman rises to destroy
Lest there be born a little boy.
The plan is hatched, deed almost done,
Yet intervenes the Sovereign One.
A questionable queen at appointed time
Raised up by God to preserve the line.
Wicked plan comes in clandestine
But God deliverance did predestine
Haman anticipates his own exaltation,
But serves Mordecai with the praise of the nation.
Yet Haman will be lifted high,
On gallows planned for another he’ll swing and die.
God was working in the royal split
So a Jewess on the throne might sit,
Risk her life in illegal suit
The king’s help to recruit.
So the day appointed for destruction
Instead brings in a resurrection
Purim, a feast of God’s sovereign care,
Guarding and keeping His people everywhere.
Keeping his word, advancing His plan
To send forth a savior, God become man.

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