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Memoirs of An Ordinary Pastor by D. A. Carson

Memoirs of An Ordinary Pastor by D. A. Carson

This is probably the forthcoming book about which I am most excited. I deeply appreciate the ministry of Dr. Carson as I have studied in his classes, read his books and listened to his sermons. Some who have not heard him in person may not realize his heart for the ordinary pastor. This was a common theme I heard from him, particularly in his Advanced Greek Exegesis class. This may seem to have been an odd setting, but I think he was seeking to keep our feet on the ground lest we get too caught up in what we thought we knew.

Along the way I remember him referring to the labors of his father, his faithfulness in obscurity and suffering. Not too long ago, Dr. Carson gave a moving tribute to his father as an example of faithful, unknown pastors everywhere in the Forum section of the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology. (I have been unable to find this on the website. If someone has the link please send it along)

So, I am excited about now having a book length treatment of this subject from Dr. Carson. I have been able to read some of the book and have really appreciated it. This is sorely needed in our day of Christian celebrity worship. I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book when it comes out. May it inspire us (as Carson suggests in his preface) not to seek to be the next well known hero of the faith, but simply to be faithful. If God be pleased nothing else will matter.

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