Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal

Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal, David S. Dockery
(B&H Academic, 2008), pb., 238 pp.

Many of the readers of this blog are not affiliated with the SBC, but many are. Also we can learn from noticing what is going on within one another’s denominations.

For the SBC these are interesting days (have there ever been any other kind?). The vision for the future seems to be up for grabs. There are many voices and various ideas. In the midst of all this David Dockery is a voice of calm, conservative consensus. His latest book has just been released and is a voice of sanity in what is at times a storm. I have read the book and think it provides a healthy, helpful way forward. Dockery rightly calls us to center on the gospel and to recognize which issues are secondary and tertiary. Secondary issues can be important but need not be the cause of division. This is crucial in a time when some are restricting boundaries unnecessarily.

If you are interested in the work of the SBC or are simply interested in the general work of helping churches work together, cohering around central principles while living with certain differences, then this is a valuable book. It is also available for only $9.99!

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