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Baptist21 Panel at Union University

Tonight Baptist21 will host a panel discussion at Union University at 8pm in Bowld 247. Here is the information from the Baptist 21 site: Panelists include Greg Thornbury, Ray Van Neste, Taylor Worley, and Nathan Akin. In effort to best serve Union students and promote Gospel-centered conversation among Southern Baptists, the questions will focus on […]

Conference Completed

I was away from blogging most of last week with my duties at our “Southern Baptists, Evangelicals and the Future of Denominationalism” conference. I was very pleased with the way things came together. I think ti was an important conversation about the future of the SBC with implications for broader evangelicalism. Several bloggers gave summaries […]

Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal

Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal, David S. Dockery (B&H Academic, 2008), pb., 238 pp. Many of the readers of this blog are not affiliated with the SBC, but many are. Also we can learn from noticing what is going on within one another’s denominations. For the SBC these are interesting days (have there ever been […]

Baptist Identity Conference & Humility

The Baptist Identity Conference held here at Union last week has been the topic of much blogging, for which I am glad. If you have not seen the links elsewhere, you can look here to download audios of all the sessions. These presentations are useful for pastors. If you are a Southern Baptist pastor, these […]