The Value of Singing the Psalms

I have commented here often on the value and importance of singing the Psalms. Here is a brief (about 4 minute) video which was the opening comments before one of the Psalmfests we have held at Union. I attempt to explain why we should sing the Psalms an dhow this practice benefits us.


  1. Ray, you’re singing my song! I laughed when a professor at Gordon-Conwell who was my preaching partner, preached a psalm of lament, and then said, “We need artists to make music that includes lament.” My private thought: Haven’t you heard of the Psalter? All the psalms have been set to music!

    I tweeted with you about “soul care” today (8/12/16) , and I’m glad to have a better sense of your vision.

    Grace and Peace,

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