Lessons on Preaching from Calvin

img_3416Over the weekend The Gospel Coalition posted an article I wrote titled, “8 Lessons Calvin Teaches Us About Preaching.” As we approach Reformation Sunday this coming weekend, it is a good time to reflect on various ways we can learn from this significant time in church history.


My article draws from the time I spent editing and updating a new English version of Calvin’s 54 sermons on 1 Timothy (which ran to over 800 pages in manuscript). In these sermons you find a pastor who cares deeply for his people, esteems highly the Scripture and wants people to know God. There are numerous lessons to be drawn from these sermons but I pointed out these eight:

  1. Focus on Scripture itself.
  2. Not every sermon will soar.
  3. Most preaching is done in the midst of difficulty.
  4. Preachers must be both bold and humble.
  5. Preachers must be burdened for the salvation of souls.
  6. Preachers must be patient.
  7. Preaching must address everyday life, including marriage, family, and child-rearing.
  8. True biblical preaching requires searching application.

The article briefly expands each point. I hope it will be helpful particularly to those who preach the Word each week to the people of God.

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