Calvin on God’s Promises to Individuals

Recently I have in a number of settings felt the need to stress that God’s promises in Scripture to the church apply to each individual who is redeemed. This has at times come up in situations where God’s love for his people is mentioned, and some struggle with thinking, “I know God loves His people in general, and I even believe God loves those believers there who are more faithful etc., but really I doubt that he loves me.”

With that in mind, this quote from Calvin’s commentary on Psalm 125 (pointed out to me by my fellow pastor Lee Tankersley) is helpful:

whenever God speaks to all his people in a body, he addresses himself also to each of them in particular. As not a few of the promises are extended generally to the whole body of the Church, so many contemplate them as at a distance, as far removed from them, and will not presume to appropriate them to themselves. The rule here prescribed must therefore be observed, which is, that each apply to himself whatever God promises to his Church in common

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