M. E. Dodd on Joyous Communion

In a previous post I took issue with J. M. Pendleton’s morose description of communion. It has not been heartening to find Pendleton’s sentiments echoed in various other Baptist authors of the past. However, today I was encouraged to find M. E. Dodd addressing his own church members, reminding them of their times of celebrating communion as:

“That glad, joyous occasion when our memories are refreshed and when our gratitude is enlarged as we meditate upon the things that Christ did for us as represented in this supper.” (Baptist Principles and Practices [Alexandria, LA: The Chronicle Publishing Co., 1916], 75)

Dodd gave serious time and effort to rehabilitating the practice of communion in his church (as evidenced in his intro to Christ’s Memorial). May we also be able to look back to glad, joyous occasions where we celebrated communion with our fellow church members.

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