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Elizabeth Prentiss, Communion Poem

For several years now I have enjoyed Elizabeth Prentiss’s poem collection titled Golden Hours (now nicely reprinted by Solid Ground Christian Books). I came back across this poem this week as I have been contemplating communion.

“In Remembrance of Me”

Dear Jesus, Thou this feast hast spread,
Invited guests are we;
We come as Thou hast bid us come,
Thus to remember Thee.

We come from sinful thought and aim,
More earnestly to flee;
Pardon to seek and grace to find,
As we remember Thee.

We come to thank Thee for Thy love
So rich, so full, so free;
To bless Thee, praise Thee, lose ourselves
As we remember Thee.

We come to lay the burdens down
That press most heavily;
To enter into perfect peace
As we remember Thee.

Our penitence, our love, our hope,
Oh condescend to see,
And let us ‘bear a song away’
As we remember Thee.

- Elizabeth Prentiss

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  1. bondslave says:

    I love communion, this is good poem about it. I wrote a poem about communion. Something about the Body and Blood of Christ gives me shivers every time I think about it.

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