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“To gather fortitude from pain”

My poem of the week this week is “Last Lines,” by Anne Brontë. John Starke cited a portion of this poem last week on Twitter which sent me looking for the full poem. The message of the poem fits very well with 2 Cor 1 which we discussed in class this morning. This is a […]

“Carry On!”

My poem of the week this week is a strong call to perseverance from Robert Service. Service is not a guide to theology but is at his best calling for us to live life to the fullest and not give up. “Carry On!” It’s easy to fight when everything’s right, And you’re mad with thrill […]

“proclaim the truth and suffer for the truth, and if necessary, even die for the truth.”

“The role of the priest is to proclaim the truth and suffer for the truth, and if necessary, even die for the truth.” – Polish priest-martyr Jerzy Popieluszko Jim Kushiner from Touchstone Magazine has written a powerful essay interacting with a new documentary on the life and death of Jerzy Popieluszko, a Polish priest in […]

“It Is Glory Enough”

I read this poem tonight and was taken with its spirit. I don’t know authorial intent, but it strikes me as a compelling portrait of life lived without regard for the shifting winds of public opinion, standing for God’s truth regardless of the cost. “It Is Glory Enough” IT is glory enough to have shouted […]

Once to Every Man and Nation

My poem of the week this week is James Russell Lowell’s “Once to Every Man and Nation.” This version, which appears in some hymnals, is edited from Lowell’s original, and I have left out some verses which are problematic. These three verses powerfully communicate the need to stand for truth whether or not you will […]

“Determination”, by Edgar Guest

My poem of the week this week is another selection from Edgar Guest. My boys are to recite it this morning. “Determination” I’ll see it through, whate’er the danger be. One death is all that God assigns to me. I’ll stand erect against the odds and shout: “I may be whipped, but will not turn […]

“Give me the heart of a Man!”

My poem of the week this week is one my oldest son found a few months ago when I gave them a few books of poetry and required them to find one they would read and explain for all of us the following day. After reading it aloud for us he suggested it would be […]

Courage, by Edgar Guest

My poem of the week this week comes from Edgar Guest, a favorite of mine. I had my sons memorize this one last week and recite it this morning. There is much helpful here. Courage This is courage: to remain Brave and patient under pain; Cool and calm and firm to stay In the presence […]

Encouragement for Discouraged Preachers

As we approach the anniversary of John Calvin’s last sermon (February 6, 1564) I am posting comments from his sermons on 1 Timothy. In the section below, from a sermon on 1 Tim 6:12-14, Calvin provides powerful encouragement for those times of discouragement, opposition and despair. Appropriately, Calvin points us to God drawing especially on […]

I Shall Get Home Some Day

A couple of times recently I have encountered the story of Charles A. Tindley (1851-1933) and reference to some of his hymns. When Robert Smith recently spoke at Union he briefly told the story of Tindley, the son of former slaves who taught himself to read and write, put himself through school while working as […]