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Reading Fiction

I have frequently at this blog commended broad reading including fiction and have defended and advocated the reading of fiction in other venues. I was pleased then to find (via Justin Wainscott) this article by Mary DeMuth titled, “Why Should Christ-Followers Read Fiction?” DeMuth deals with common arguments against “wasting” one’s time on fiction. I […]

Readers’ Greek NT, Again

I am really enjoying reading my copy of The UBS Greek New Testament: A Reader’s Edition which I have already commended. Along the way I realized another potential use of this edition. I did not at first realize that it has a glossary at the back of all words occurring more than 30 times in […]

Here is the Church

Here Is the Church, by Anita Reith Stohs Illustrated by Kathy Mitter (Concordia Publishing House, 2009), hb., 32 pp. Ages 2-5 This simple little book is aimed at young children to encourage their engagement in the worship of the church. It begins with the well-known little children’s rhyme: Here is the church, and Here is […]

Preaching Apocalyptic

Last week Justin Taylor posted a link to a booklet by David Helm on Preaching Apocalyptic. I have printed it and looked it over. It looks really good and I commend it to other preachers. Interestingly, the Sunday before this was posted Chad Davis, one of my fellow pastors, preached on Daniel 7, an apocalyptic […]

The Twelve Ordinary Men

The Twelve Ordinary Men 6pk (Arch Books), by Kelly Skipworth (Arch Books, Concordia Publishing House, 2009), pb., 16 pp. Ages 4-9 The Arch Books Bible Story Series has been around for more than four decades. I enjoyed some as a child and we still have some older ones. They are typically faithful to the text, […]

Amazing Tales for Making Men Out of Boys

Amazing Tales for Making Men Out of Boys, by Neil Oliver (William Morrow, 2009; previously published in the UK by Michael Jospeh, 2008) Hb., 364 pp. Ages 6+ We just found this book at Sam’s tonight, but I wanted to go ahead and mention it because I love the concept. Just note these lines from […]

Difficult Ministry

This week I came back across some scribbled notes that had come to mind in the midst of a sermon.I find sermons to be very stimulating to my thinking.A main point will send me off thinking of application in different areas.So, while listening to a sermon on 1 Samuel on a time of difficulty in […]

Video Teaching on Nehemiah and Exodus

Jeremy Rasnic has now posted the video of two January Bible Studies I have done. All seven sessions of a study through Nehemiah a few years ago (at FBC Columbus, MS) is available and the first and last sessions of a study through Exodus done this past January at Poplar Heights Baptist Church in Jackson, […]

The Spy Who Came in From the Sea

The Spy Who Came in From the Sea, by Peggy Nolan (Pineapple Press, 1999), pb., 129 pp. Ages 8+ This book was a disappointment.It is based on a great idea but fails to deliver in several ways. First, the idea and setting of the book is great. I did not previously know that during World […]