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Ortlund on Wisdom

Ray Ortlund, always worth hearing, has a good word on “How to become a Sage.” Here is an excerpt: Principle: The further we advance in Christ, the more we marvel at his untapped riches. Corollary: The more we feel people need our opinions, the more obvious it is they don’t. Another corollary: The more we feel […]

“Strive to Be Ordinary”

In my Pastoral Ministry class today B. J. Maxwell, pastor of Unity Baptist in Millington, TN, gave a lecture titled, “Strive to Be Ordinary.” It was an excellent exhortation to pursue faithful ministry to people rather than the trappings of success. I attempted to record it but was unsuccessful. The manuscript should be available soon, […]

Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns

Justin Wainscott has a fascinating, provocative interview at his site with Dr. T. David Gordon, author of Why Johnny Can’t Preach: The Media Have Shaped the Messengers. The interview is about Gordon’s sequel, Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns: How Pop Culture Re-Wrote the Hymnal (to be published by P&R early this summer). Wainscott’s questions and […]

Oversight of Souls PowerPoint

I have had several requests for the PowerPoint slides with historical quotes on the place of oversight in pastoral ministry which I have used in an address here at Union and last month at the Midwest Regional Founders Conference. Almost all of those quotes have previously appeared on this site. However, the slides (in PowerPoint […]

Solomon and Pastoral Wisdom

This past Sunday Lee Tankersely preached a good message on 1 Kings 3-11, Solomon’s rise & fall. Chapter 3 caught me afresh with implications for pastoral ministry. As Solomon came to the throne the Lord essentially granted him a wish. We know he asked for wisdom and this pleased the Lord so that the Lord […]

Joy in Communion, Once More

I have previously commented here on the fact that we should come joyfully to the Lord’s table contrary to some practice and teaching we have received. Ray Ortlund recently posted this quote which nicely affirms this point as well. “We come as children to our Father’s table and to sit there with Jesus Christ, our […]

Amazing Tales Not so Amazingly Told

Amazing Tales for Making Men Out of Boys, Neil Oliver (William Morrow, 2009), hb., 364 pp. Ages 7+ Last year I wrote a post on this book just after purchasing the volume. I quoted the back of the book (which is what induced me to buy the book) and wrote, “How can a book that […]

Fathers and the Nurture of Souls

A few months ago I wrote a column arguing that as fathers hug their children they engage in spiritual warfare for their children. The thesis may sound overstated to some. However, two items I read in the last week have reinforced my conviction in this area. First, a friend of mine recently shared his story […]