Persecution in Kenya

My Friend Phil Eyster, at the mission organization EPI, has just posted portions of communication he has had with a believer who is working with Muslims in northern Kenya.
Here is a brief excerpt from the note from Kenya:

On Friday 11th July 2008, Moslems invaded our training center in Kenya. The Moslems attacked the team while they are having meeting in preparation for one month August Missions.

The Moslems claimed that the Christians abused their Koran, but we know it was just a plot, since nobody did that. The truth is that the Moslem are furious about the number of the Moslems who were converts to the Lord this year.

In the last two months through the initiatives of our missionaries about 24 Moslems have ACCEPTED THE Lord Jesus Christ in spite of all the persecution. Moslems felt that the best way to stop all these conversions was to burn the Church and kill key leaders and missionaries.

This is a word from the front lines of reaching the unreached and is a sobering reminder of what our brothers and sisters in other areas face. It is also a strong reminder of the blessings we have and our responsibility to stand with our brothers and sisters in some way. As pastors we need to keep this reality in front of us and our congregation.

This is an appropriate follow up to the previous post. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing sometimes comes only through suffering. These brothers and sisters are not simply deciding to “think more positively” about the unevangelized, but are giving their lives so that these people might be evangelized.

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