Patience, by Edgar Guest

My poem of the week this week comes from one of my favorite poets, Edgar Guest. I love how Guest speaks of the beauty of everyday life, home, family and perseverance. There is simple wisdom here.



The patient man who stands to care
And shrugs his shoulders now and then
At little hurts he has to bear
Out distances the fretful men.

The patient man who bit by bit
Some trying, tedious task completes,
Conquers where fretful men admit
The pain required their skill defeats.

The price of many goals is Time,
Plus willingness to work and wait.
Though courage oft is called sublime,
One must have patience to be great.

Steadfast of purpose he must be,
Who would some worthwhile goal attain;
When fretful men disheartened flee,
The man of patience dares again.

-from Life’s Highway, by Edgar A. Guest

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