John Angell James on Parental Duty

The conference went well last week and it was pleasure to meet the people who came to my session on Bible material for children. I will post my complete handout on my Union page soon (it is too long to post in it’s entirety here). In the meantime I will post portions from it in a series of posts.
Here is a great quote from John Angell James on the responsibility of parents to teach their children the Scriptures. It comes from his book, The Christian Father’s Present to His Children.

“It is a situation of tremendous responsibility to be a parent….  With every babe that God entrusts to your care, he in effect sends the solemn injunction- “Take this child, and bring it up for me;” and at the final audit, will inquire in what manner you have obeyed the command. It will not then be sufficient to plead the strength of your affection, nor the ceaseless efforts to which it gave rise; for if these efforts were not directed at the right end…  you will receive the rebuke of Him that sitteth upon the throne.”

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