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I have just read on Tom Ascol’s blog about a publisher of children’s Sunday School curriculum who decided that the cross is too violent for pre-schoolers and as a result they would skip the cross and resurrection in their Easter curriculum! You can see a letter of explanation and defense of their position here.

This is mind boggling. I would be hard pressed to do business with such a publisher again.

This sort of dumbing-down, anesthetizing approach to Scripture is what originally led me to searching out solid children’s material and eventually to starting this blog as a small way of passing on recommendations to others. Children can handle much more than what people today think and by giving them sturdy truths we will rescue them from the spiritual and moral anemia and spinelessness so prevalent today.

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  1. Hi Gretchen.
    I think Jim’s ministry ccwonline.org published it. You can see ingo on it at ccwonline.org/eaglet.html

    Mrs Whiyney has done wonderful illustrations on several good books!

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