Barnabas and Jonathan

I have commented previously on my family’s appreciation of the Bible Wise series of Bible stories from Christian Focus. They have recently published two more books in this series, Barnabas: The Encourager and Jonathan: The Faithful Friend, both by Carine Mackenzie. As in all the series, the illustrations are done by Fred Apps, probably our favorite illustrator of Bible books.

Both of these books maintain the high level of biblical fidelity which have marked the series and which makes them the best such series around. These volumes, like some previous ones, also deal with characters who often do not get such specific treatment. So, having a specific book on these two characters is itself a real benefit. Some books in the series make very good biblical theological applications from Old Testament to New Testament, but these focus more on highlighting good qualities of the main character. This is understandable given the characters in view.

I should note one slight hesitation. One picture in the Jonathan book is more graphic than what I have typically seen in this series. The depiction of Jonathan’s death has not simply blood on his chest but also streaming out of his mouth. Now, I have argued elsewhere that we ought not water down biblical stories. But, even my boys were a bit taken back by this picture. Parents should simply be aware of this and make decisions accordingly.

In summary, these are good additions to a wonderful series, and we would warmly recommend them.

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