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Queen Victoria’s Request

Queen Victoria’s Request: A Story of Grace and Mercy,
By Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Illustrated by Jeff Anderson
(Christian Focus, 2008), hb., 24 pp.
Ages 3-6

This is a nicely illustrated, engaging story that illustrates the gospel well. Spurgeon in his characteristic way tells a down to earth story of an “old ragged, dirty beggar” who receives a summons from Queen Victoria to come to her palace right away just as he is. He is told that he will stay away at his own peril. People scoff at such an idea and the beggar struggles with thinking that he is not really desired to come or that he should clean himself up first. In the end he trusts the message to mean exactly what it says and he acts on its command. To the amazement of others he is accepted by the Queen and made one of the princes of the court.

The point is clear- the call of the gospel is beyond belief but we must simply take God at His word and act on his call. Furthermore the gospel is not just an invitation. It is a summons, a command. It is not just an offer. God has commanded that we come to Christ and any who refuse to so at their own peril.

This is a good parable for all, and accessible to children. My eight year old read it to my six year old today.

It would have nice to have some sort of preface providing some information about how this story originally came into being. This is a nice book, though, and useful for helping children understand the gospel.

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