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Archive of posts tagged pastors’ wives

Abraham Booth, “Pastors, Care for Your Wives”

In an ordination message preached in 1785, Baptist pastor, Abraham Booth, gave a powerful exhortation on the need of pastors to attend to their own wives and children.  He voices in first person what he fears is the cry of too many pastors’ wives and closes with an exhortation referring to one’s wife as his […]

Ortlund on Marriage

Valentine’s Day puts me off because of what is done with it.  The world around us does not know what love is and so many of the attempts are sad and tragic. However, the love between a husband and wife is a beautiful thing, supposed to mirror the love of Christ for His Church.  Ray […]

Interview with John Thornbury

Recently I had the privilege of talking for a while with John Thornbury who recently retired from his church, Winfield Baptist, after pastoring there for over 40 years. He has also written several books. I was struck by the amount of wisdom and experience he has to offer to the rest of us, particularly as […]

Role of the Pastor’s Wife

I have commented a number of times already on Kent & Barbara Hughes’ book, Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome. This time, I’ll point out that chapter 16 of that book, “How the Pastor’s Wife Can Help,” is probably the best brief piece I have ever seen on the role of the pastor’s wife. I […]

Caring for Pastors’ Wives

Here is a great post on the great amount of work pastors’ wives do and suggestions on how church members can aid them. This guy knows what he talking about! A number of people in our church have done several of the things listed here for my wife and it has been a great blessing. […]