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Teaching the Bible to Children

As part of our “Word Within the Word” conference a week ago, David and Sally Michael from Children Desiring God, led three breakout sessions on leading children in Bible Study. The Michaels were gracious enough to come even though their national conference was just this weekend. Their breakout sessions were packed and they did an […]

The Bond Blog!

Bond. Doug Bond– far more beneficial than the sometimes known British cousin James. Douglas Bond has started a blog where you can see updates on speaking events, forthcoming books and other material from him. You can also find there J. C. Ryle’s Thoughts for Young Men (entire book) read by Bond. This is an exciting […]

9 Marks, Advice for Young Pastors

The latest 9 Marks ejournal is now available (in pdf as well). Below is the table of contents with links. This is a great resource for younger and older pastors. The article that most caught my eye is Leeman’s “Love the Church More than Its Health.” I have too often had pastors want to tell […]

ESV Study Bible Online, Free for March

Crossway is making the online version of the ESV Study Bible available for free for the month of March. You can register here. Continual access to the online version comes with the purchase of a hard copy. This offer thought allows others to give the material a try. The online version is great for access […]

A Sermon Listener’s Guide

Eric Smith at Shepherd of the Sheep has recently posted a Sermon Listener’s Guide he prepared for his people. I think this is a very valuable tool so I have pasted in his questions here. I encourage you to read his full post on how he has been talking to his people about the place […]

A Very Short Intro to Augustine

Earlier this week I mentioned reading a couple of short books over Thanksgiving and commented on one of them. The second book is Henry Chadwick’s Augustine: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford, 2001). This book is only 134 pages and is a great size for carrying in a coat pocket. Chadwick, who died earlier this year, […]

2008 Bibles and Bible Reference Survey Article

The latest issue of Preaching Magazine contains my survey of new Bibles and Bible reference materials (e.g. commentaries) that have come out since last fall. The longer web version of the article is now available online as well. There were quite a few new study Bibles that came out in this time period like the […]

The Journal of Modern Ministry

I subscribed to this journal about a year ago and have enjoyed it. I admit that “modern” does not typically bring positive connotations to me when connected to ministry, but this journal, edited by Jay Adams, is devoted to exploring various aspects of day to day ministry from the perspective of absolute confidence in scripture. […]

Word Within the Word

Last month I mentioned that Dr. Don Carson will be our plenary speaker at the Ryan Center conference this coming April. The conference web page is now up and online registration is open. The conference theme is “Word Within the Word: The New Testament Use of the Old Testament.” Dr. Carson will develop this theme […]


I have been thinking a good bit recently about the problem of fatherlessness in our churches. In crisis after crisis I discover that one root has been the absence of a father in someone’s life- through absence, neglect, or abuse. I have seen enough of this that it has made me all the more earnest […]