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Archive of posts tagged Titus

Teaching Through Titus

I recently taught a 3 part series through the letter to Titus at FBC Jackson, TN, and the audio of each session is available here.

John Gill on a Pastor Loving His People

John Gill in his commentary on Titus 1:5-9 speaks of the love a pastor should have for his people.  He writes: “…if he is not a lover of them, their company will be disagreeable to him, and he will be of no advantage to them; and if he does not love the souls of men, […]

Ken Myers on Titus and Cultural Engagement

In the recent issue of Touchstone Magazine Ken Myers’ article “Waiting for Epimenides” draws from the letter to Titus lessons for cultural engagement. This is a good article both in its handling of Titus and in its observations of the current church scene. Here are some quotes: “A passion for Christian maturity is easily obscured […]

Charles Brown posts

This past Spring I read Charles Brown’s The Ministry and found it a wonderful little book packed with much wisdom for pastoral ministry. Since that time I have been meaning to comment on various portions of the book. I have been delayed for numerous reasons but Eric Smith over at Shepherd of the Sheep has […]