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Archive of entries posted on September 2008

Wesley Dramatization

As part of the “starting back” activities at Union we had the opportunity to see “The Man from Aldersgate” performed by B J Johnston. Johnston gave a wonderful presentation of Wesley with humor and good theological application. Sure, I have my differences with Wesley, but this presentation hits they key areas of evangelical agreement- and […]

Spurgeon on Gossip

I am to preach on Psalm 15 in the morning so I was looking over Spurgeon’s comments in his Treasury of David. Spurgeon’s comments on gossip are worth noting, especially since gossip may tear more churches apart than any other sin. We ought to deal directly and forcefully with any who bring gossip to us. […]

Derek Thomas’ Commentary Guide

I recently purchased a copy of the revised edition of Derek Thomas’ The Essential Commentaries for a Preacher’s Library and have enjoyed looking through it. I always appreciate seeing what commentaries are found useful by preachers or teachers whom I respect. I must say I find more benefit from Carson and Longman’s commentary surveys though. […]

Owen on Divine Aid in Bible Study

In going back over my OT Survey material in preparation for the beginning of term, I came across this quote from John Owen. It is well put in so many ways and a good warning to us not to rest in our own abilities when approaching Scripture. Of course we must study and labor, but […]