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Archive of entries posted on December 2006

A Heart Prepared to Preach

Some years a go I came across this quote from Spurgeon in a secondary source under the heading given here. I have kept it with me and appreciated it so I thought I would pass it along. “When we speak as ministers and not as men, as preachers instead of penitents, as theologians instead of […]

Student Statement on Pastoral Ministry

This is finals week so I am knee-deep in grading papers. Here is one particularly encouraging quote from a student essay, where the student is addressing the question of what the nature of pastoral ministry is. “It should be the heart of every minister that he does not lose one of the sheep that he […]

The Random House Book of Fairy Tales

The Random House Book of Fairy Tales Adapted by Amy Ehlrich, Illustrated by Diane Goode (Random House, 1985), hb., 208 pp. Since I recently posted on the value of fairy tales, it seemed right to recommend a good book of these tales. We have not sampled widely of various collections, but we have found that […]

Live What You Preach

While rummaging back through various papers this evening looking for notes for some teaching tomorrow, I came across this quote sent to me by a pastor friend 8 years ago. He had mentioned it in a sermon and i had asked for it. It comes from T. H. L. Parker’s book on Calvin’s preaching, and, […]

O Shepherd, Where Art Thou?

O Shepherd, Where Art Thou?, Calvin Miller Broadman & Holman, 2006 I am writing a review of this book for the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology so in fairness, I cannot write a full review here. Let me just say that this is a very valuable book on pastoral ministry, a tract for our time. […]

Resource for Fathers

I am convinced that one key thing for pastors to do is to encourage fathers to take up their proper role of shepherding their families, discipling their children, etc. This is so foreign in our typical context but is clear in the Scripture as well as in the history of the church. Reclaiming this role […]

Duncan’s War, A Story of the Covenanters

Duncan’s War, Douglas Bond Volume 1 in the Crown & Covenant Series (P&R, 2002) This is one of the best books we have ever read. That is saying a lot, but it is true. It is similar in strengths to the “Martin and Boudewyn books” (as we call them), but surpasses them. It has adventure, […]

ESV Reverse Interlinear

ESV Reverse Interlinear The actual title of this book is The English-Greek Interlinear New Testament, English Standard Version. Most people, for obvious reasons, do not use the full title. While carrying this book down the hall I was stopped by a colleague who practically exclaimed, “What are you doing with an interlinear?!” Greek professors are […]